Meet The KCA Fleet

Over the years and amassed adventures, our boats have come to seem more like comrades and less like possessions, taking on characters and lives of their own. We talk to them, we yell at them, and sometimes we even whisper sweet nothings.

Our go-to boat for big river trips is a traditional sixteen foot hard-sided drift boat: just about as comfortable as fishing gets for one or two anglers. We use Clackacraft low profile models which we love for their overall versatility.

When we need the ability to cover a lot of water or change locations with speed and ease, we use a jet boat. Our sweet little number is an oldie but goodie, a 16 foot Alumaweld and a connoisseur of many fish species.  Jet driven with a flat bottom, we can get it into the shallows for pike & bass then run up to riffles and row for trout.  

 For the smaller and more rough-and-tumble venues, we use a pair of much loved and abused NRS rafts, thirteen and nine and a half feet long. Their ability to go pretty much anywhere is something we take full advantage of.