Home Waters

Our home waters are the Kootenai River in Northwest Montana and Northeast Idaho.  We fish from Libby Dam, where the Kootenai River starts in Montana, into Idaho and on to the Canadian border.  This is big, clear, cold water, with strong current and stronger fish.  While some of the largest rainbow trout in the country call the Kootenai River home and can certainly be targeted by anglers, the average size of our trout is in the 12-16” range.  Have you ever been throttled by a 13 inch fish?  The Kootenai River is a great place to experience that. These are the strongest wild trout, inch for inch, we’ve ever met.

Small Streams

Our small streams & tributaries are too many to count.  They boast trout of every size and description- from browns to bows and cutthroat.  Each one is different, but all are special.  We fish these waters seasonally, when they are at their best.  For some, this is spring, when water levels rise and allow us to access by boat what is usually only the territory of moose, bear and whitetails.  For others, it’s summer, when water levels drop and allow us to finally access them.  For still others, we wait for rain and clouds. 

Lakes & Reservoirs

Do you like sight fishing to aggressive fish with large poppers and mice flies?  So do we.  Often overlooked by anglers, our many lakes and reservoirs are an opportunity to pursue sportfish like Pike and Bass (both Largemouth & Smallmouth) as well as trout, and can make for a nice reprieve from river fishing routines.  

Further Afield

We try to be wherever the fishing is best at the moment, and luckily for us, we have a lot of water to choose from, a key factor in making a fishing trip a success.  We keep a number of nearby fisheries in our back pockets to utilize at select times of the year.  The Clark Fork River is a prime example of a river further afield that we visit when called for-it’s a moody fishery with stout wild rainbow and cutthroat trout and some impressive hatches-when it’s on, it’s some of the best fishing anywhere.